About Volosko

Volosko never lost a part of its history and identity, although it did a lot of places. Volosko stayed true to its customs so some things haven’t changed since ever.

This little fishermen village is known by its fishermen and little houses. Volosko is first mentioned in 1543, but it is much older. Volosko is situated in the very entrance to Opatija and it offers its visitors a delightful ambient with luxurious restaurants placed in the little bay “Mandrać”.

Volosko was held to be a private port of Kastav and today it is used for sport activities like sailing and surfing. The surfing and sailing is very interesting here because of the famous wind “Tramontana”. Visitors from the neighborhood states are coming here for a one day trip to enjoy the beautiful sea and wind. The most common visitors are the Slovenians and Italians.


The first buildings worth visiting are those around the little port “Mandrać”. Those are mainly fishermen stone houses with picturesque chimneys and fire places.

In the 18th and 19th century the “captains houses” were built along the “Maršala Tita” street and all of which were decorated with balconies above the entrance. Luxurious holiday homes and apartments were built at the edges of the village.

Other sights that should also be mentioned: the church of St. Anna with its two church towers, built in the 19th century and the church of St. Roch that is mentioned in the year 1570 in the testament of Rok Zasvidić.

History and Culture

As already said Volosko was mentioned for the first time in the year 1543, but it is much older than that.

Volosko used to be under the domination of Kastav and it was its port. The toll was placed here, because it was the place from where a lot of ships transported goods.

The growth of Volsko can’t be mentioned without referring to the French occupation from 1809 to 1812. This occupation helped Volosko to gain back its function and importance. Volosko got then its deserved power and government.

Daytime Activities

Volosko can’t offer its visitors as much activities as Rijeka or Opatija, because of its size, but Volosko has something to offer that no one else in this area has.

This area has a good climate and the wind “Tramontana” and therefore offers its visitors something special, the already mentioned surfing and sailing. A lot of visitors come just to surf. The little port “Mandrać” is full of visitors and locals who enjoy the sun and the sea.

“Mandrać” is not only the name of the port, but the name of an art manifestation that is being held here. Everyone who loves art has to visit the traditional art manifestation.

Volosko has a few excellent restaurants, that offer only the best.


Volosko does not have a lot nightclubs and café’s, but it has many excellent restaurants, that will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

In the summer everyone can enjoy the fishermen festivities, which are enriched by live music and good food.

If you would rather visit nightclubs, we recommend Rijeka or Opatija.