About Rijeka

Rijeka (ita. Fiume) is the largest port of Croatia and the third largest city in Croatia. Favorable position of Rijeka in the Kvarner gulf was seen in the past by Hungary where they saw huge potential of the city and started to develope it in one of the largest industrial harbours in Europe. By the decline of industry, Rijeka turns to the developement of tourism. Tourism conserned is Rijeka very attractive because of its colorful past and offers sights all the way from the middle ages, through secession, and right up to todays modern times. A variety of museums, as well as the vicinity of Opatija make it a excellent tourist destination.


Rijeka stands out its various sights because of its colorful history. Whether it's you first time in Rijeka or you visited it before, there are some things you need to see. Among the biggest and most important sights is the palace of the governor, today it is the THE MARITIME AND HISTORY MUSEUM OF THE CROATIAN LITTORAL. With the standard exhibit of the museum you can also see various exhibitions from other museums. Right next to the governors palace is the Museum of Rijeka where different kinds of exhibits are exchanged with the theme of Rijeka through history. One „new“ thing you have to see is the roman principium which is located in the old historical par tof Rijeka, it was restored and publicaly open just a few years ago. There are also other sights like the „leaning tower“ of Rijeka, torpedo factory, St. Vitus Cathedral and of course the inevedable Trsat fort.

History and culture

The history of Rijeka is long and colorful. The first signs of life on the territory of Rijeka appear in the stone age. The habitat gradually evolves throught different periods of history, from the roman empire, the middle ages and all the way to the rampant 20th century.

Daytime Activities

Rijeka offers a variety of contents throughout the whole year. The biggest and most meaningful event is the Carneval of Rijeka that happens every year in february and gathers tourists and participants from the whole world. In the summer months are lots of manifestations like Rijeka summer nights, Student Day Festival that gathers students from all over the world, and many other events for all age groups.


Nightlife in Rijeka is not missing. Lots of clubs and restaurants offer something for everyones taste.