About Lovran

Lovran is one of the most appealing tourist places on the Riviera in Opatija, not only because of the long tourist tradition but because of its rich history and ambient that appeals a lot of visitors during the year. Lovran is mentioned already in the 7th century. It cherishes since then a special tradition. Lovran is the oldest Liburnian place and during the time it was mentioned under the name Lauriano. It got its name after the plant lorel (laurus nobilis) that grows in Lovran and in the neighborhood. Lovran is the oldest place in the area, that hasn’t lost its historical background and urban look. In time some houses people started to build houses on the remains of the ancient bulwarks.

At the time the government is planning on making a cable ropeway from a place near Lovran, Medveja, to the mountain Učka. That project has been approved in 2009, but still no work has been made. The plan is to start with the constructions in year 2012.


Lovran hides a lot of sights inside the city. Special parts of this urban look are the decorated stairs and porches. This place gives this beautiful city a special flair and the people are pleased to be here.

Some magnificent buildings in Lovran witness of a glamorous history and great building experts. In Lovrans hinterland you can find a whole rural tourism connected with chestnuts, cherries and asparagus. Lovran is very famous for this mentioned nature.

In the city center you can visit some beautiful buildings from the 13th and 14th century. Just some could be saved during the time. The city door “Stubica” in the east is still in one peace just like the chapel of the holy Trinity built in the 13th century.

Some villas built in this area are considered to be a part of the world’s architectural heritage. Many visitors admire the architecture in Lovran upon arrival.

History and culture

Lovran is an important place for this area being the oldest coastal city, but no founding witnesses of having any antic or prehistoric background. In the middle of the 6th century this place belongs to the Byzantium. In the 9th century the Croatian noblemen had the title dux Liburniae.

In the 16th and 17th century Lovran was the main port for supplies. Already in the 17th and 18th century Lovran becomes a city of fishermen, captains and boat owners. The connection with Dalmatia, the island Pag, Venice and Ancona at the time is getting stronger. The hotels and bed and breakfasts are built near the road to Rijeka in the 19th and 20th century. At the same place some private homes with glamorous gardens were made. The whole place is ideal for resting and relaxing.

The place Medveja got its name from the ancient character Medea. After a legend about Medea and the Argonauts, Medea and Jason traveled through this area while returning from the Black Sea. Later even Odyssey traveled through during his traveling. The underground streams are after the legend Medeas tears flowing into the sea.

Daytime Activities

There is a lot one can do near the sea in Lovran. In the summer all restaurants and cafe's are open and waiting for visitors to come. But some manifestations are really special in this area. The asparagus festival is one of them. The locals are celebrating it in April. Another manifestation is the “Ex tempore” a painting event in May. The cherry event is in June and the festival of the chestnut is in October, but it is being held in Dobreč and Liganj, places near Lovran. No visitor can get bored in Lovran, because it offers every year something interesting near the accommodations they are staying.


Lovran offers a lot of nightlife possibilities. This aspect is important for youngsters above all. Nightclubs and café’s offer amusing contents during the whole year. Additional manifestations are just a supplement to this one. An interesting manifestation is one very that is very common in cities neat the coast. And that are fishermen parties that offer amusement to visitors but to the local population as well.

Just a few miles from Lovran you can enjoy the nightlife in Opatija. It offers a greater choice of nightclubs and café’s. So if you decide to visit Lovran you absolutely have to visit Opatija as well.