About Ičići

Ičići is a small place located in the Bay of Kvarner, on the north part of the Adriatic. It is near Opatija (5 km) and Rijeka (15 km). Ičići offers a great view onto the two biggest Croatian islands Krk and Cres, which are situated at the very beginning of the Kvarner Bay.

The inhabitants of Ičići work in tourism, gastronomy or rent out rooms. These are in the first place private rooms or apartments in villas or houses, which are located directly by the sea. Those visitors who are looking for a holiday in contact with nature, can find accommodation in the camp of Ičići, situated near the tennis courts.

If you drive along the Poljana road towards Poljana, you will see many private villas with amazing architecture.

This small place turned because of its good position into a well known tourist destination. The guests can play different sports, make trips and go out.

The ACI Marina of Ičići is one of the biggest in Croatia.


Old Secession villas – Ičići has beautiful examples of Secessionist architecture, luxury villas and summer houses of former noblemen of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The buildings are still in good condition and a tourist attraction.

One of the most beautiful Secession villas is the Münz Villa. It was built in 1903 by Jakob Ludwig Münz, who also built the Grand Hotel in Pula.

The Mali raj restaurant (Piccolo paradiso) was built on the grounds of a former water pump station, that supplied Opatija with fresh water from the Klara stream.

The Motel Ičići – was built in the 17th century in the same place where in the past a former Jesuit building stood. It was a three nave building from the Baroque period.

The Učka Nature Park – with a rich flora and fauna.

History and culture

The name Ičići can be derived from the name of the inhabitants of the nearby Ika. This area was inhabited in prehistoric times and the Liburnians ruled until the arrival of the Romans. The Ostrogoths and Franks came after the fall of the Roman Empire and the Patriarchates of Aquileia were in charge in the 12th century. Ičići fell in the 14th century under the control of the House of Habsburg and the Austrians ruled until the 1918.

The harbor in Ičići was the centre of the trade of local goods. Many ships, which were loaded with wood, lime, coal, oil, wine, chestnuts as well as other goods left this harbor.

The end of the 19th century was the time when many modern villas, health centres and holiday resorts were built. This area was during the First World War occupied by Italy. The Germans came in 1943 and ruled until 1945 when Ičići and the neighbouring places annexed to Yugoslavia. Ičići became in 1991 finally a part of Croatia.

Daytime Activities

Ičići offers many sports and recreational activities. It has a beautiful big beach with a “Blue Flag”, which guarantees clean water. The beach consists of two parts: the first has a concreted surface and the second part has pebbles, which are ideal for children.

The guests have the opportunity to do the following in Ičići: drive jet skis, play beach volleyball, tennis, golf or water sports, go parasailing and children can play at the playground.

There are also many expensive restaurants and small local ones called Konoba as well as bars, where guests can relax. The whole area is famous for its delicious chestnut dishes.

Many manifestations are organized every year in Ičići and the most important ones are the Liburnia Film Festival and the Campanestre Festival.


Those guests who want to go out, that is are looking for nightlife should go to Opatija, where they will find nightclubs and bars.